Attested Copy vs. Certified Copy in Dubai

Attested Copy vs. Certified Copy in Dubai

A true copy attestation in Dubai is a photocopy of an original document that a public notary or lawyer has stamped. The notary or lawyer checks the copy to ensure it is a true copy. The document must be a valid one, and the witness signature must be visible on each sheet of the document. The person certifying the copy must sign the document as a true replica. The attested copy is valid for two years and is widely accepted.

A: Certified copies are often required for immigration purposes. In the UAE, obtaining a certified copy of a document depends on the type of document. The notary will check the documents, and a second official will attest the copies. Typically, a certificate attesting a copy requires the original document to be legalized and notarized. A notary will also verify the document’s authenticity, so it must be notarized if it is a passport or other identity document.

B: A registered lawyer must sign an attested copy. A notary public is a government agent trusted by embassies and consulates. The attested copy is the photocopy of the original document. There is a small charge for certification, but the difference between an attested and a certified copy is minimal. In many instances, the former is more valuable.

C: In Dubai, certified copies are often required for a variety of purposes. A lawyer with a witness signature stamps a certified true copy. A notary has the authority to attest to a document. Hence, it’s always advisable to have a copy of an original document attested before using it for legal purposes.

D: The certified true copy is the legally recognized version of a document in Dubai. Unlike a certified copy, an attested copy is not a legal document. A true certified copy is a legalized version of a document. A notary has stamped this copy to make it valid in the UAE. A notary is an authorized person in the country.

E: A true copy is a document with the same attributes as an attested copy. It is usually used in English-speaking countries. A true copy is notarized in the UAE. The attested copy is notarized. The attested copy has a notary stamp, demonstrating that it is an authentic document. A notary can also attest an original by adding a witness signature.